a hornet flew into the…

by dishpantheism


a hornet flew into the room early this evening. i was reclining. listening to beta band on my headphones. soon another hornet arrived at the outside of the glass. they skittered back and forth across the window like mirror images of each other while i listened to insect theater soundtrack. wind-shifty leaf light projected onto the far wall. i've come to the conclusion that the color of a hornet cannot be accurately described. they aren't yellow. not really. there will never be a crayon the color of a hornet. just as well.

more projecting this evening. super 8 films from the shed of forebears. my 20-something mother rides a roan around a late summer pasture. my brothers in toddler form pick blackberries. my grandparents do various grandparent-ish things. youthful aunts and uncles clown around in fields that no longer exist with dogs long dead. i like the feel of super 8. i love its clackety silence.

i'm having tea. from a tea bag. how sad. the tag has this bit of wisdom:trust thyself only, and another shall not betray thee. very sage. thanks thomas fuller. what a cheery existence you must have had.