there’s a large oak that…

by dishpantheism


there's a large oak that i pass on my walks. it grows on a hillside. one of its branches is entirely bare. it angles down from the crown. it has the appearance of a very old wand or the finger of a folktale hag. really twisty. really gnarled. it looks to be indicating a point in space. an invisible portal just above the yellowed oat stubble. an amber streetlamp marks the corner of the lot and spreads enough light to illuminate the branch even on a very dark night. the corner always smells like oat stubble. or freshly mucked and strewn barn stall. sweet hay. i can't tell you how much i enjoy it.

i stole plums. i filled both the kangaroo pockets on my track jacket. there's a plum tree with several branches hanging over a tall fence. nobody eats the plums. i pick them every year. usually under cover of darkness. the plums are very small this summer. about one third the size of a normal year. but they taste just as delicious. maybe a little bit bitter (as well as the usual tartness) around the stone. there are ten beautiful plums to my right. two not so beautiful plums to my left. i'll toss those out. also two stones from my first plummy victims. how many plums does that make? a number.

i can't find lola's leash. it is nearly always coiled on the lid of my piano. it's gone. i think sister polished my piano in anticipation of our brother's arrival. i had to walk lola with an inferior rigging. neither of us particularly enjoys that.

i'm learning bits of mandarin. i can understand these words/phrases:

1)pick me up, auntie!

2)give me your tea, auntie!

3)a piece of ice, auntie! small one. large one.


5)give me your chair, auntie! you take the other one. bring the other chair here.




9)the dog is sleeping.

10)a drink of water!

of course my niece helps me along by using very exaggerated body language and repeating herself frequently. sometimes she gets frustrated. gives me a look like you silly lady why aren't you doing what i ask? maybe if i speak very loudly and slowly and gesticulate a lot you'll get it. silly silly person.

my nephew has a good grasp of english. and a boisterous practice of it. quite cute. when he's not throwing airplanes at me or regaling me with stories of taiwan he acts as interpreter between me and mei-mei.

what else?

i'm very sleepy.

and so.