there’s a very heavy cloud…

by dishpantheism


there's a very heavy cloud of honeysuckle over town right now. there are hedges and hedges of it. it smells lovely. i've just come home from a walk with lola. earlier she stole a large chunk of baguette. in her walk-induced excitement she vomited bread every few paces for the length of a block. i didn't realize at first that that's what she was doing. the revelation was unthrilling.

a man in one of the alleys has a shop filled with electric saws. tonight he was sawing away. i could hear the sound from far away. i could hear it in my jaw. i imagine stars make a similar sound. and also smell like sawdust.

perhaps i should have been a perfumer. but then again no. i knew a girl who graded dairy and she ruined her taste for milk. her tongue was so sharp that she only noticed defects. she supplied others with fine things to ingest while never ingesting them herself. i learned the theory of the tasting but never practiced it. just like i learned to judge a heifer's shape or tell charolais from poll hereford or castrate sheep with my teeth. mostly on paper. though i can curry your mount like nobody's business or stanchion something or conduct hogs with a cane.

the streets were positively choked with parked cars. i passed a house i know well. i believe the matriarch of the family has died. all yards dark but for this one. every light blazing there. black silhouettes coursing in and out antily. is it a word? antlike then. carrying things against their chests or above their heads. and then turning to the next block a strange man silhouetted in the doorway of the once abandoned house. he had a weird look. a hat like a beignet. no shirt. and the most peculiar wiry build. like a quite muscled but somehow under-nourished adolescent boy. his arms were folded across his chest. he took two broad steps into the yard (still silhouetted) and stopped beneath a small decorative streetlamp at the edge of the lawn. and then only stared at me. or at least in my direction as i couldn't really see his eyes. he was otherwordly and puckish. it was mildly unsettling

wellidy. to bed.