his holiness sounds like yoda…

by dishpantheism


his holiness sounds like yoda. or maybe it's the other way about. in any case i was very pleased to have heard the dalai lama speak. he has a great sense of humor. at the end of his talk he answered a few questions from the audience. one of them related to the rearing of children. "how do i teach and nurture my child to grow up to be a loving and accepting adult?" he replied, "how would i know? i'm a monk!" also his holiness seems to be mesmerized by velcro and the contents of his ears.

i grabbed a cutting from a giant and beautiful sage growing near the united nations plaza. it seems to have survived the train ride home. i hope it will root. my father said once that collecting cuttings like this is better than having a photo. i thought it was strange since he was really into photography when he was a youngster. but he said, "see that toyon? came from a (carpentry) job i did for a woman years and years ago. she really liked gardening…." a story ensues. also the aunt of an acquaintance has an apricot tree in her yard. grew from the kernel of an apricot she shared with gandhi at tea one afternoon. me? i'll have stolen sage. but it will still remind me of a nice day listening to his holiness. 's okay.

i'm not buddhist. i just think the dalai lama is a sensible person.

somehow a comma snuck in here. commas are ban. it won't happen again.

listening:whatcha see is whatcha get–the dramatics