in which the universe conspires against her…

by dishpantheism


i made dinner (or is it supper?) this evening. broad beans and crusty french bread and a red stripe. not the most healthful repast i guess. but after what's transpired during the last few days i'd say i'm doing fairly well. the other evening i prepared dinner for sister and myself. angel hair pasta and marrow squash. as i was toasting some bread and washing dishes sister was ladling food. while i removed the bread from the oven she asked if a particular bowl was mine. from the corner of my eye i could see the dish she was gesturing at. i said the bowl was mine. she served us and we sat down to eat. i kept thinking how lemony the pasta was. strange. i hadn't added any lemon. does it taste lemony to you? i asked sister. she replied that it didn't. i continued eating. but it was really bothering me that i was tasting lemons. that's when i noticed all of the suds. she'd ladled my food into a dish full of soap! gah! i hadn't eaten much which i was very grateful for. but i was also quite hungry still. i went to the pantry and brought down a can of tomato soap. i poured the soup in a little pot and added some milk. milk that sister had purchased. the expiry date was that very day but the milk smelled fine. it wasn't fine. in fact it was very very bad. of course i didn't notice this until the soup began turning a very odd consistency. when i told sister she laughed heartily.

if you ever see two elderly women on the beach please inquire if one of them isn't me. in the meanwhile i'll continue to cook my own meals. i'm terrified i'll open the tureen one evening and find rat or parakeet in there.

btw my sister has a name which i use to address her. my parents were kind enough to give it to her. however she's not keen on my mentioning that name here. just thought i'd clarify.

listening:5:55–charlotte gainsbourg