walking to check on the…

by dishpantheism



walking to check on the state of the mirabelles tonight and passed by a little house with curtains open. two small dogs jumped into the window ledge. they had the look of frayed and sooty rope. the paler of the two put his face close to the pane. his mouth hinging silently. his breath left clouds on the glass. the mirabelles are still asleep.


china lily is up. stellate heads. cups and saucers.


there will be an estate sale next weekend. all of the old people on my street are dying. a sad sadder domino tumble. one dies and the next dies broken-hearted over the first.


i've borrowed a book of hans christian andersen paper silhouettes. one of his favorite motifs was a gallows made of hearts. usually the hanged man is holding his heart in his hand. but there are more cheerful ones too. he made a lot of silhouettes as gifts apparently. they're quite cool.


good evening.