i sat in vomit. and…

by dishpantheism


i sat in vomit. and i had to wear my vomit-y pants the entire day. the vomit wasn't mine which point i believe intensified the disgustingness of the incident. i kept smelling solvent or pine-scented cleaner on the bus this morning. i thought it was only the window washer guy's pail. he generally carries one. a pail. but he didn't debus at the usual stop and in fact never even boarded the bus today. no. i was shoe-horned into the only remaining seat next to a girl with expensive sunglasses. she was displeased at having to share her space and lolled over as much of it as possible to illustrate her frustration. so after the bus began to empty i switched seats. i noticed dried vomit on the back of the seat in front of me. and seconds later my ass started feeling really wet. and the solvent smell was very strong. i jumped up and moved to another seat but only after i'd become saturated with some stranger's fluids. really really powerfully disgusting. hadn't the person who "cleaned" the seat thought to leave a note? attention: vomit-y seat. that would have been sufficient. grrrr.


in brighter news…


mathiola is blooming. smells like cloves and sugar. so good.

sister gifted me with some books! boswell's the journal of a tour to the hebrides. m.sasek's this is australia. and a collected poems of wallace stevens. hooray! i've just culled through my old books and found i have enough to trade for one i very much want. it's an encyclopedia of cape bulbs. cape here meaning south africa. not that silly velvet variety you see sometimes on teenage vampires.


listening: clever girls like clever boys much more than clever boys like clever girls–pelle carlberg


sister related the tale of s.b.'s miraculous cabbage.

sister:those boys are so gross! they still had that cabbage i bought when we were there in october. it was pushed to the back of the fridge.

me:gah! what was it like?

sister:actually it wasn't like you'd think. it was still perfectly hard but it was bright orange!

me:inviolate cabbage? it should be sainted! 

sister: well they are cruciforms aren't they?


and that is just how nerdly we are.